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September 2020

The great escape

What does escape mean to you? For some, it’s about hitting the pause button on the everyday, while for others it’s about swapping the ordinary for the extraordinary

Interior picture of a hotel room with mustard sofa, blue and white sliding doors opening to bedroom. White walls and minimalist wooden furniture adorn the rooms
4-minute read

Hot hotels

Our mission is simple: find the hotels that meet High Life’s exacting standards and tell you all about them

Aerial view of a white church looking out to sea
3-minute read

The Algarve: ready and waiting for you

Enjoy Portugal's endless sunshine, miles of beaches and delicious Mediterranean cuisine

5-minute read

How to get a greater sense of escape on your next trip

Here comes the science: clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Mort reveals how to maximise that holiday high

High angled shot of the sea crashing into the sea wall by a road in Nice. Passersby stop to look over the rails at the water.
1-minute read

Photo journal: Nice

Glamorous, hot and less than two hours away, Nice is a travel must-see location for any wanderer

A child plays in the shallows of a cove with a pebbly beach and clear blue water.
Family Travel
3-minute read

Easy family holidays

Looking for holiday inspiration? We curate the best places to travel en famille

Canal and bridge with cyclists in the foreground
5-minute read

10,000 step city guide: Amsterdam

Delve into the historic nooks and crannies of one of Europe’s most eclectic cities with our step-by-step guide to the capital of the Netherlands

3-minute read

Jersey: a dreamy island break

With miles of clean beaches, superlative cuisine and safety at the heart of all activities, Jersey is a dream come true for holidaymakers

Picture of a desert with a snowboarder coming down the sand dunes
Middle East
3-minute read

The high/low guide to... Dubai

Whether you’re on a budget or going all out, we have all the options covered for a memorable trip to Dubai

An infinity pool and deckchair looking out to sea
4-minute read

A place in the sun

Fancy soaking up some rays and kicking back to the smooth sounds of the ocean? Look no further. 

A portrait of Camille Walala against a colourful background that she designed
3-minute read

The connoisseur: Camille Walala

Artist Camille Walala sits down with High Life to talk fake food, dream cities and how to plan a holiday on Instagram

A luxury wrist watch with a brown leather strap
2-minute read

The edit

Krissy Turner, shopping editor at the Telegraph, gives us the lowdown on luxurious travel items that’ll add oomph to your next adventure

An image of a luxury resort from above with blue sea and a beach
4-minute read

The world’s ultimate… escapes for social distancing

Leave the pressures of modern life far behind for the blissful solitude of holidays that are a world apart

A view of the Limmat river in Zurich
5-minute read

The new business city guide to Zurich

The startup scene in Switzerland’s largest city is experiencing exponential growth. Alison Langley reports

laptop computer
2-minute read

The top ten... business gadgets

A guide to the latest, most essential travel devices to make your next flight business ready

An illustration concept of a lightbullb and the Statue of Liberty
5-minute read

What can we learn about business from America?

When it comes to new business ideas, the brightest thinking still comes from the USA

4-minute read

Costa Rica: A nature lover's paradise

Lush jungle, deserted beaches and extraordinary wildlife, Costa Rica packs an ecological punch