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Five Paramount+ shows on board to inspire your next break

Thanks to a mountain of entertaining TV shows from Paramount+ available to watch on board, you can discover your next dream destination from the comfort of your seat. From adventurous excursions in Iceland to sunlit escapes in the Canaries, we present this season’s most adventurous TV shows and their dreamy settings


Halo brings the highest-grossing gaming franchise to the small screen (Halo © Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved)

The show: Halo

The destination: Iceland

What do you get when you add together genetically engineered soldiers and an estimated $200m budget? An action-packed TV series based on one of the most popular video games of all time. While the first season of sci-fi spectacular Halo was shot in the safety of Ontario and Budapest’s studios, season two embraces the dramatic vistas of Iceland – and you could, too.

Start by booking accommodation at the otherworldly Retreat at Blue Lagoon, an hour by car from Reykjavík, to take dips in volcanic thermal waters shrouded in steam. Then gear up and head out for a sulphur-scented 16.5km hike to (the currently erupting) Fagradalsfjall volcano, to encounter crumbling lava, striated soil and apocalyptic vistas. Make time to dive, snorkel or kayak between two tectonic plates in Silfra, then slip outside after dark to catch the come-hither watercolour streaks of the aurora borealis. Before you leave, be sure to sup a pint of Bríó at Skúli in Reykjavík and initiate yourself into Iceland’s impressive craft beer scene.

Experience another world in Iceland

Those crazy kids are at it again! (© 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved)

The show: All Star Shore, season 1

The destination: Gran Canaria

Whatever your Shore preference – Jersey, Geordie, Acapulco, Rio – chances are some of your favourite characters can be seen battling it out for $150,000 in this new All Star offshoot, set in Gran Canaria. Take a leaf out of the participants’ book and arrange your own shore leave (but without the competitive tension and tricky love triangles). Choose the Grand Hotel Residencia as a base – its charming terracotta villas and five-star service have wooed the discerning likes of Mary Berry and Bruce Springsteen. And while the hotel’s restaurant and poolside bar do offer salty snacks and vodka shots, we recommend tucking into more wholesome fare – such as Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce, chickpeas with chorizo tapas and roasted scallops in passion fruit black bean sauce.

Beyond the luxury of the hotel, the wild awaits. Go eagle ray spotting in Risco Verde’s clear waters, tackle jungle life in a UTV and climb up to 1,300 feet for a tour and tasting of some of the island’s most exquisite wines at Bodegas Bentayga.

Live your best life in Gran Canaria

The Offer dramatises the making of The Godfather (© 2022 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved)

The show: The Offer

The destinations: New York and Sicily

In documenting the production behind one of the most acclaimed films ever made, The Offer might transport viewers to the likes of Texas, Mexico and Sicily – but it’s visions of Coppola’s original, shot-on-site The Godfather that really come to mind. So, if you’re after a trip with some serious famiglia undertones, pick between New York’s stunning skyline or Sicily’s sun-kissed hills.

For city slickers, it’s all about Manhattan. Visit the iconic Basilica of St Patrick’s Old Cathedral (the site of The Godfather‘s final montage), sleep over in The St. Regis Manhattan (but be careful when taking the lifts…) and grab a glass of good old Italian vino at 7B Horseshoe Bar (where the Rosato brothers try to take out Pentangeli in Part 2).

Alternatively, fly to Catania and channel Michael Corelone’s chilled (at least for a while) Mediterranean exile. Wander the beautiful streets of Forza d’Agrò in Messina, grab an aperitivo in nearby Bar Vitelli (where Michael asks for Apollonia’s hand) then check in upstairs to a classically styled Sicilian suite, one of many Vitelli Charming Suites, built on the remains of a 15th-century palace. Top it off with a sweet treat at Salvatore D’Amore, the best place for dessert on the island’s West coast.


Be a don for a day in New York

1883 is a prequel to the popular Yellowstone (©2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved)

The show: 1883

The destination: Texas

TV showmaker heavyweight Taylor Sheridan adds more clout to his seriously successful Yellowstone series (starring Kevin Costner) with this edge-of-your-seat prequel, 1883. Following the Dutton family’s origin story as they cross America from Tennessee to Montana, via Texas and Oregon, the mood is all sultry prairie sunsets, difficult river crossings and eerie, post-Civil War towns. It‘s filmed primarily in Texas and Montana (including on two of Sheridan‘s own ranches), so travellers chasing those cowboy vibes should head directly to Fort Worth. Begin by checking in to your Balcony Room Suite at The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel, then head to the Stockyards District and grab a home-style burger at Hooker’s Grill (used as a gambling den in the show) before finding a spot on East Exchange Avenue to witness a magnificent longhorn cattle drive (daily at 11.30am and 4pm).

Feeling bold? Get a permanent memory of the trip inked at Tattoo Ranch (used as a livery paddock) and, if you’re really keen, hop in a car (book with Avis through BA for special rates) and head three hours into the wild to Sheridan’s 6666 ranch in Guthrie (used for multiple location shoots) and scoop up a souvenir from the Supply House – the ranch proper isn‘t open to the public.


Go west in Texas

Viola Davis, Michelle Pffeifer and Gillian Anderson star in The First Lady (© Lions Gate Television Inc. All Rights Reserved)

The show: The First Lady

The destination: Washington, D.C.

Digging deep into the ins and outs of The White House from the perspective of three influential women who lived there: Michelle Obama, Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt, this star-studded TV series will have even the least history-prone traveller yearning to visit D.C.

Start by checking into the Washington Hilton, whose ballroom has played host to all the big names in American presidential history and is also the site of the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Exercise body and mind with a walking tour (DC by Foot has a ton of great options), stopping at the Round Robin – the ‘Oval Office of bars’ – during its History Happy Hour to enjoy a refreshing mint julep while hearing tales of the city from local authors and historians. Refuel at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a casual diner and one-time haunt of influential figures such as Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Miles Davis and Nat King Cole. Fancy going further afield? Check out actor OT Fagneble’s (The First Lady’s Barack Obama) travel tales here.


Power up in Washington

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