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A waterfall in Croatia
September 2020

The great escape

What does escape mean to you? For some, it’s about hitting the pause button on the everyday, while for others it’s about swapping the ordinary for the extraordinary.

White sand banks and forested islets punctuate turquoise waters with a solitary boat in view
October 2020

Finding Connections

2020 has challenged our relationships in unexpected ways, so how do we maintain a sense of connectedness? Perhaps it’s by looking to the future and planning to see friends and places we’ve been missing

Close-up of a wave crashing gently in Vancouver Island
November 2020

The spirit of exploration

Exploring is a huge part of the joy of travelling, so this month we set out to uncover some of the world’s hidden wonders, from Europe’s secret nooks and crannies to luxurious lodges on mountain peaks.

Trees and mountains covered in snow with bright sunshine
December 2020

Festive Feelings

The world is constantly changing, so this month we’ve got every travel option covered. Find inspiration in star-studded Christmas memories, indulgent winter sun suggestions and family trips for the future. Why not start planning the perfect escape?

Lush vegetation and a clean beach seen from a beautiful blue sea
January 2021

New year, new plans

Dreaming of cutting loose in 2021? From solo trips in the Maldives to the best multi-generational escapes – as well as hot hotels to work from – we’ve got all the inspiration you need