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Drinks from Betty Buzz

Whatever you’re celebrating, British Airways can deliver a toast-worthy tipple

Grape or grain, boozy or booze-free – we have the perfect drink to accompany your travels this month

01/04/2023Updated 14/03/2023

Flying and a celebratory drink go together like ice and a slice. Think a pre-flight fine wine in the departure lounge to mark the start of your holiday. Then there’s a cheeky cocktail or mocktail with friends at an airport bar before you head off on a hen do. Or crack into a nice, chilled beer on board as you rise above the clouds. By partnering with three very creative beverage providers this month, British Airways will help you toast the journey from the moment you arrive at the airport to when you land.

While waiting in the airport lounge: Whispering Angel                      

Living up to its name, Whispering Angel is a French rosé that’s simply divine. Given its pedigree, that’s hardly surprising. Whispering Angel has been created by famed vintner Sacha Lichine at Château d’Eslcans in the heart of Provence, northeast of Saint-Tropez. Since setting up shop on the estate in 2006, Lichine has spearheaded somewhat of a rosé renaissance using (among others) Grenache and Cinsault grapes to craft wines that, while infinitely quaffable, have real depth. Whispering Angel, with its beautifully pale-pink colour, refreshing, crisp acidity and smooth finish, is worth shouting about – which why it will be served by British Airways in its First and Concorde lounges at London Heathrow and London Gatwick this month. You can try another one of Lichine’s rosés, The Pale – an aromatic blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes that grow in salty soil along the Mediterranean coast – in the Club and First lounges at London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

There are whisperings of more developments on the horizon... watch this space.

Just before you board: Betty Buzz

Have you ever wondered why so few mixers are delicious enough to be sipped as a standalone drink? Movie star Blake Lively has, and she’s gone and done something about. The fabulously named Betty Buzz upsets the apple martini cart by offering a sparkling beverage that, with its exotic range of flavours, is anything but mundane. Made with only real fruit and “no junk”, Lively’s creation comes in five varieties: sparkling lemon lime, grapefruit, Meyer Lemon club soda, ginger beer and tonic water. The actress spent three years building her brand, from custom tooling the bottles to picking just the right flavours. The fact that British Airways also features Aviation Gin, which is partly owned by Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds, makes this collaboration feel even more like the perfect blend. You can try Betty Buzz at the new bespoke Bridge Bar at JFK airport's new Terminal 8, which boasts a sophisticated design that blends 1960s touch points with mid-century modern furnishings.

With your meal on board: BrewDog

British Airways and BrewDog have been creating magic together since 2019. The pioneering craft beer producer produced a special IPA, Speedbird 100, as part of BA’s centenary year – even brewing a batch of the golden liquid at 38,000 feet on an airborne aircraft during its launch. Speedbird 100, which was named after the official British Airways call-sign during the airline’s 100th year, was ordered by passengers at such a pace that the two iconic British brands joined forces for a second time in 2021 on a beer that’s exclusive to British Airways customers. Jet Stream is an easy-drinking American Pale Ale, which, with its aromas of pine and citrus combining with subtle tropical fruits, is tailor-made for travel. And the tipple with sky-high standards just keeps on coming, with British Airways and BrewDog set to release a rebranded version of Speedbird 100 – called Speedbird OG – this year. Until then, you can try Jet Stream on board all British Airways flights.