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On-board health and wellbeing tips

Your health and safety remain at the heart of everything we do. From circulation-boosting exercises to the latest protective measures, here are some helpful tips for a happy and healthy flight

How to stay safe on your flight

Face masks
When you travel with us, you may need to wear a face mask at all times, in the airport and on board, depending on local restrictions. As a guide, face masks last up to four hours, so bring enough for the duration of your trip. While on board, you’re allowed to remove your face mask for a reasonable time to enable you to eat or drink. When you’re not consuming food or drink, your face mask must be placed back on and must cover your nose and mouth at all times.

The UK Government has provided a list of exemptions for those who may not be able to wear a face mask which includes children under the age of 11. If you meet the government’s exemption requirements, you may be asked about the exemption and could be asked to present supporting documentation.

Personal protection packs
When you’re on board, we will offer you an antibacterial wipe. We will also provide you with a bag to dispose of any personal protective equipment you may have, such as face masks. Please do not place your face masks or any item from your personal protection pack in the seat pocket or other storage areas. The sealed bags will be collected by our cabin crew as part of waste collection.

Stay in your seat if possible
Try to minimise movement around the cabin as much as you can and please listen to our on-board announcements as they will help make your journey as comfortable as possible.

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In-flight exercises

Deep vein thrombosis is rare, but we encourage you to move around periodically to decrease the risk. To help you maintain good circulation while you fly, we suggest these exercises:

Shoulder raise: raise your shoulders and rotate

Neck roll: roll your neck back and forth

Head tilt: slowly tilt your head to one side. Repeat

Posture: sit up straight when your seat is upright

Food and drink

Eat light meals and drink plenty of water. Monitor consumption of products that contain lots of sugar, caffeine or alcohol, and regularly apply moisturiser and lip balm in order to stay hydrated.

If you have a severe food allergy, please talk to a member of our crew about your allergy and ask for more information about your meal.

We’re here to help

Please ask a crew member if you need help, for example, with stowing your hand baggage, moving between your seat and the toilet, or opening your meal. We offer wheelchairs on each aircraft to help you move on board more easily. Headphones are compatible with hearing aids switched to the ‘T’ position to amplify the sound.

Please ask a crew member if you require a sharps box for the safe disposal of empty insulin cartridges, used needles, lancets or syringes. Please do not leave items in the toilets or seat pockets.

Team work
If one of our colleagues has impressed you by going the extra mile, please get in touch at ba.com/thankyou

Enjoy your time on board

Our main concern is for your safety and that of our crew. Our colleagues are there for your protection, so please pay attention to their instructions, which are binding by law (UK Air Navigation Order).

Our colleagues have the right to work in a safe environment and be treated in a fair and respectful way. We do not tolerate violent or disruptive behaviour or language, and our crew has been trained to deal with such incidents.

British Airways may refuse to allow a customer on board if they appear to have consumed too much alcohol. Once in flight, excessive drinking will not be tolerated on board. Customers should not consume alcohol brought on to the aircraft by themselves or another customer.

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