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Three children playing on a beach in San Diego at sunset

Go now: five family-friendly holidays to take this season

Now’s the time to book that getaway and, thanks to family travel specialist Jon Bailey, High Life proposes five family- and LGBTQ+ friendly destinations to hit this month


Drawbridge on the Amstel river, Amsterdam


Something about the tree-lined canals, busy bicycle paths and colourful flowers of Amsterdam charm families of all shapes and sizes. We especially love the history, culture, art and museums here, but the kind and friendly residents make it special.

Hot tip: If they are old enough, have your kids read The Diary of Anne Frank before visiting the Anne Frank House here to fully grasp the import of this visit.

Visit Amsterdam

Gaudí’s Park Guëll, Barcelona (Getty)


From its wildly inventive Gaudí architecture to the small-plate tapas bars across the Old City, Barcelona is a stylish destination where kids can enjoy playgrounds next to centuries-old statues, historic plazas and modern conveniences.

Hot tip: Younger kids will love Gaudí’s Park Guëll, where nature-inspired fanciful mosaic structures greet guests at every turn.

Take a break in Barcelona

Arenal Volcano, 90km northwest of San José, Costa Rica (Getty)

Costa Rica

The entire country of Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse in the world, with exotic jungle wildlife including sloths, monkeys and parrots as well as miles-long beaches, active volcanoes and kid-friendly activities such as rafting, surfing, ziplining and more.

Hot tip: Make time to visit both the iconic beaches as well as the cloud forests, where the flora and fauna are richly different and colourful life abounds.

Go on an adventure in Costa Rica

Surf’s up on La Jolla Shores Beach, San Diego – also opening image (Getty)

San Diego

A city designed for family fun, San Diego offers some of the best beaches and watersports in California, along with the best weather for outdoor activities such as sailing, kayaking, hiking and picnicking in the gardens of historic Balboa Park.

Hot tip: Teach the kids to body surf at La Jolla Shores Beach, where the waters are warm and the waves calm.

Escape to San Diego

Sea turtle in Aruba (David Troeger/Unsplash)


With literally a national commitment to happiness, Aruba in the Caribbean Sea is a smiling destination ready to welcome families to its pristine beaches, crystal blue waters and island culture of cold umbrella drinks, warm sunsets and fresh seafood.

Hot tip: The snorkelling and diving here are amazing, even if you just float in the water and look down to see a rainbow of fish and sea life.

Relax in the Caribbean

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