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Ten must-have tech travel gadgets

A guide to the latest, most essential travel devices to make your next flight business ready

luggage with wheels

Pro carry-on

Not only does the ONE from Swiss startup Jey&em have an integrated but removable power pack for charging while you travel, it also has a detachable laptop bag and sleeve to keep your tech handy during airport security checks and your flight.

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laptop computer

Business laptop

If you can’t quite last a long-haul flight without plugging in, Dell has the answer. Its Latitude 7400 has the best battery staying power in a business machine. Dell claims 26 hours in some circumstances, but you can certainly rely on 13 to 15 hours.

from £1,599
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Pocket talk device

Two-way translation device

Pocketalk translates any combination of 74 languages at warp speed instantly, even in complex business discussions. It needs Wi-Fi or a 4G connection but is better than using a translation app on your phone as it can be passed across the negotiating table.

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Sleep-aiding headphones

Kokoon, from a young London startup, is a snug, wearable sleeping aid that works with a phone app to help travellers get in those precious zzzs, whether on the plane or in a hotel (it’s wearable even when your head is on a pillow). Handily, it also doubles as a pair of over-ear headphones.

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mobile phone

Rugged smartphone

If you’re working in tough physical conditions, the Doogee S40 phone could be worth packing. It can survive multiple drops, extreme temperatures and water up to 1.5m deep. Plus, the whopping battery life allows for 105 hours of web browsing and 33 hours of talk time.

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plug device

Wireless flight adapter

With this wireless flight adapter, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to the in-seat headphone socket and move about the cabin without either having to remove your cans or miss essential dialogue from the film you’re watching.

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pocket computer device with screen and keyboard

Pocket communicator

Planet Computers brings the delights of the Psion 5mx pocket computer (beloved of business travellers in the 1990s) into the present day. The Cosmo Communicator is a fully functioning computer and smartphone that slips into a reasonably spacious pocket – screen, keyboard and all.

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sleek electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush

Travel-ready electric toothbrushes are a neglected product category. The Quip Starter Set is small, sleek and compact. But its best feature as a travel necessity is a brilliant holder that can be stuck to a hotel bathroom mirror, then moved on repeatedly as you go from hotel to hotel.

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