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Chaguaramas harbour
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Why Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect yachting destination

This Caribbean hotspot's prime location and tropical climate tick the boxes for keen sailors and holidaymakers alike


Jet skis await at Pigeon Point, Tobago (Adobe Stock)

The twin island of Trinidad and Tobago is a paradise both off and on shore. Located in a prime spot in the Caribbean, this dual country is home to some truly stunning wildlife, where the local culture energises the air, and calm waves lap at pristine, white sand shores. It’s perfect for cruising, but most of all, the country’s superior marinas and sheltered location make it the ideal place to drop anchor for an extended stay.

Trinidad and Tobago’s position just below the hurricane belt offers shelter and protection that other islands may not be as strategically located to provide during the stormy season, which runs from early June to late November. As well as safe moorings, the island nation features world-class repair facilities, giving owners the opportunity to tie in a stopover with some essential servicing.

Yachts need regular maintenance to combat the wear and tear that comes from spending time on the waves, the impact of the seawater on the hull, and the regular use of engines or sails. When it comes to doing these all-important repairs, yacht owners and cruisers need services that are specialist, reliable and affordable. They also need a safe place to store their vessels while work is underway. The port of Chaguaramas on the northwest peninsula of Trinidad offers both.

Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago (Adobe Stock)

As the country’s main yachting hub, Chaguaramas is home to many of the country’s world-class repair facilities, which offer the best services in the region at competitive rates that you wouldn’t find in Europe or the US. The port's boatyards and marinas are equipped with advanced machinery and technologies to service all types of vessels, from motor yachts to sailing yachts of various sizes.

Riding and swimming with horses in Buccoo Bay, Tobago

While yachts are being stored or serviced, owners can head to shore to discover Trinidad and Tobago’s distinct culture, its wildlife-rich forests, hike-friendly mountains and immaculate beaches.

In Chaguaramas, visitors can experience the islands’ best hikes and nature trails, including the abandoned Tracking Station, Bamboo Cathedral and Gasparee Caves. Nearby highlights include the family-friendly Five Islands Water and Amusement Park, the rainforest zip-line adventure at Macqueripe Bay and the picturesque Maracas Bay, one of the islands’ spectacular beaches located on the country’s north coast.

Trinidad and Tobago is an excellent place to sail, service and stay. Crews without the time to explore the country properly can still use the opportunity to refuel and stock up on provisions. The islands’ shops and markets offer plenty of essentials and treats for the galley – while guests relax on the peaceful shore.

Whether you’re staying for a long or short time, make Trinidad and Tobago your next stop.