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Get the look: Palm Heights, Grand Cayman

If you love a hotel so much you want to live in it, do the next best thing and bring it home. In this new series, we reveal how to zhuzh up interiors chez vous with design elements from some of the world’s most luxurious stays. This time, we’re off to Grand Cayman’s first, and only, all-suite boutique hotel

“Everything you see at Palm Heights is Gabriella,” says British property stylist Charlotte Crocker, who spends her time peacocking tropical plants into maximalist displays and dressing the hotels’ myriad events – including a rooftop Film Club and High Tea at Tillie’s, the beachside restaurant we’re sitting in now. “There’s nothing here that isn’t a representation of her taste.” And what divine taste it is – the kind that has you twitching for your camera the moment you pull into the drive.

See, when Gabriella Khalil, creative director of Palm Heights, set about curating the, dare we say, ‘vibes’ for Palm Heights, her mood board starred the face of Grace Jones, the work of Slim Aarons and a roster of 1970s iconography – the decade when high glamour was first ferried into the West Indies via an ostentatious jet-set crowd. One pandemic later and the hotel is an exhibition of endless vintage call-backs, a place where a fried fish fillet burger on the menu ends up weaving a retro McDonald’s reference into the post-modernist patchwork. A place that attracts creative talent from all over the world, desperate to be part of its texture. Just like Charlotte.

Ready to recreate? Here we go.