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Interior of the Moxy Athens City hotel

Get the look: Moxy Athens

If you love a hotel so much you want to live in it, do the next best thing and bring it home. In our occasional series, we reveal how to zhuzh up interiors chez vous with design elements from some of the world’s most luxurious stays. This time, we enter the stylish world of Moxy Athens


Moxy, the Marriott-blessed brand that’s pitched for the young at heart, finds a welcoming new home in Athens, historic playground to the Greek gods and their boundless hedonism. That neon pink ‘Moxy’ sign, which now gleams on more than 60 properties throughout the world, almost emits an Eros-esque wink to its passers-by below.

And while pink may be the trademark colour, Moxy Athens – Greece’s first LEED Gold certified hotel for sustainability – is all about the green. “The façade of the hotel is inspired by the sacred olive tree – a gift given to the city by the goddess Athena,” says Maria Kokkinou of Moxy’s architect firm, Kokkinou Kourkoulas. “It comprises levels of rotating panels in an olive-green colour that, when moving, reference the trees’ silvery-green foliage rustling gently in the breeze.”

But it’s what goes on within that truly inspires us. One part of the interior design team, Carole Topin, who has worked with Divercity Architects on the project, is on hand to help us replicate Moxy’s interior touches, so you can live that Moxy life at home – no check-in desk required.