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Get the look: Hotel Pulitzer

If you love a hotel so much you want to live in it, do the next best thing and bring it home. In this new series, we reveal how to zhuzh up interiors chez vous with design elements from some of the world’s most luxurious boutique stays. First up, Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam

To get to grips with this tricksy maze of 25 interconnecting canal houses, Hotel Pulitzer’s creative director and designer Jacu Strauss slept in every one of its 225 rooms over four years. “I would take every bit as an inspiration,” says Strauss about Amsterdam’s influence on the design. “Whether that meant the colours and tones of an Old Master painting in the Rijksmuseum, a detail on a canal house or a boat trip through the canals.” The designer’s crush on the Dutch Golden Age of art floods the hotel’s colour palette, while historical nods – such as hints of copper that pay homage to the wealthy coppersmith who once owned the building – are all around, if you know where to look.

But can a design this meticulously researched, inspired and lauded be replicated in the humble home? In five simple steps, we steal the look.